UAL: MAFP Camberwell 2019

Ce Chen’s works are mainly about landscape and genre sceneries. He still maintains a traditional manner of painting as well as a great appreciation in preciseness and well-organised composition. He was intrigued by how a perticular landscape can be used to define an identity. Through his explorations, he articulates the statement:

“It should be acknowledged that, everyone is capable to love, understand and respect a landscape, culture or people, just like every indigenous soul does.”

Practices, writings & journals

A discussion about Fernweh. An exploration in the field of Andalucía and a valley in East Sussex. Including reflective journal week 0 Рweek 15.

An exploration regarding the connection between regional identity and its landscape. Including reflective journal week 16 – 33.

Including reflective journal week 34 – 51. A honest confession, and an emotional response; an examine of what Cornwall means to me.