Negotiated Project MAI120 Proposal

Project title

Undefined blank land in-between identified landscapes

Project Aims

The project aims to explore the surround wilds of Falmouth, identify natural/cultural/historical landscape and blank, undefined land in-between different sites. The project will challenge the metaphoric aspects of paths that penetrate “blank land”, interrogate key factors of defining a landscape. It will map the collection of researched landscapes for depicting their territoriality, boundaries and connections. The proposal intends to explore through a variety of materials and formats in order to achieve a strong completion of the project. Resources and pictorial references will be gathered through field trips, aims to familiarise with Cornish landscapes for further development. 

It will:

-Explore the surrounding wild of Falmouth, identifying what could be considered as terminals of experiencing the landscape. For example, pre-historical stone circles, quoits and heritage coasts.

-Produce series of works reflects Cornish landscape, and composite them in a creative format.

-Engage in landscape identity research artistically.

-Investigate and identify professionals who contributes to similar interest and reflect on their practices.

-Construct a framework which supports the development and derivative works. 


In awareness of the historical context how images of Cornwall, especially idealised artworks produced during the formation of its cultural capital, significantly influenced the perceived uniqueness of the county, and therefore impacted on its landscape identity, the project practically carried on previous investigations regarding this topic. 

The project engages in the exploration of what is termed “landscape identity” and related researches in the perspective of illustration: authorial practice. It is a foundational attempt of the subject that could be expanded to a broader context. The project interrogates “defined landscapes”, “blank land”, “connections of landscapes”, and whether their assigned meaning or determination also leaves cultural blankness in-between landscapes. The student intends to respond to the subject artistically, making responses to the contemporary context of Cornish landscapes around Falmouth. 

Indicative bibliography and related sources

Indicate the main reference sources: books, film, web, exhibition, interview, etc

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