Critical Publication MAI130 Proposal

Project title

Factors of identifying, discover or re-discover a landscape

Project Aims

The project proposes to analysis key factors for identifying, discover, re-discover or assigning meanings/new meanings to the landscape. It plans to briefly discuss the historical context of the Cornish landscape and Cornish identity, and organise the connection between the regional awareness to its cultural and natural landscape. The project plans to expand the previous research that established on indigenous painter Peter Lanyon’s statement over the transition of regional economic structure and landscape in the 60s, explore the issue in the perspective of visual art. 


Identifying key factors of how a natural landscape is culturally determined may have a chance to conclude a general pattern of how a natural and cultural product transforms into each other. It bridged how the materiality of “degraded economic product” can be used to define a landscape, and if culturally-altered landscape can also alter the nature of the landscape. The research would supplement the theoretical foundation of specifying a particular identity with images of the landscape. As the significant interest, the county of Cornwall and its unique, rich pictorial history determined the fitness of conducting this critical publication in the discipline of authorial illustration.

Indicative bibliography and related sources

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