Reflective Journal Week 28, 5 Apr – 11 Apr 2020

Leon Dabo was a tonalist landscape painter. He did not start to painting landscape until the 20th Century. His painting was not reputable before appreciations from Edmond Aman-Jean was earned. Majorly, he worked landscapes around the Hudson Valley. His style is to create a vacant speciousness under an overall tone that decorated by scattered light. He was concerned about the materialist trend in landscape painting; therefore, he became a lecturer to explain the redeeming features of his spiritual method of picturing nature.

I talked about the detachment and the attachment to the landscape before. There is other artists work demonstrated such desire of merging in nature. 

These two photographs from the High Noon series of Rob Woodcox, I believe, were reflections of his interest in body neutrality. This term stands for the movement which advocates the unnecessity of self-hate regarding our body. I considered our bodies (perhaps our lives also) are a circle of the ecosphere, which means we individuals should be regarded as fragments of nature. The artists’ famous manner of playing with figures is highly referable to my painting.

Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky was one of the most important romantic marine painters. His work is known for the celebration of the overwhelming thickness of nocturnal tempest. He travelled to Western Europe where he was substantially influenced. Turner was impressed by one of his painting. His work demonstrates a balance between European romantic aesthetic and Russian realistic tradition. Some of his orientalism works were also highly appreciated.

Thomas Eakins has been considered as one of the most important artists in American history. He was known for his realistic portraiture and landscape. He received art education in France. After years of practising his interest expanded from watercolour and oil painting to photography as well as sculpture. Many of his paintings show a narrative implication, and the techniques adopted from Dutch Golden Age artists, especially the utilisation of Rembrandts’ light.

Joseph Beuys was a German artist who works with a broad range of materials and themes. But I do appreciate his philosophical works regarding humanism. He believed everyone is an artist, which also reflected on his works as an artistic interpretation of everyday life. He encouraged people to vitally considered themselves as individuals and think, then freely express their imaginations and creativity. 

The proposal was nearly finished and is going to be submitted next Tuesday; therefore the time is quite short in my hand, which explained the length of this week’s reflective journal. 

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