Reflective Journal Week 16, 12 Jan – 18 Jan 2020

The week has been spent on preparing the presentation. It can be quite tricky to convert the symposium into a version suitable for verbal introduction in 10 minutes. The proportion of explanation of the physical work and research outcome should be balanced, as for as I concern. Although the first plan was to talk about the research entirely and at the end of each slide, its reflection on work would be briefly described. The complexity of the structure, especially the symmetrical format of the writing, requires paragraphs of explanation. Essentially, it was also the structure of the entire project.

While finishing hand in works of Unit 1, I started to think about the primary direction of the next unit as well as the PhD proposal. A lot of effort has been put to research how Hudson River School paintings mutually inspired Americans to establish their national identity after the bloody civil war. Some notes were taken and ready to be brought to the next week.

Not many works have been conducted during this week. Hand-in and lectures occupied most of the time. Slides of the presentation were attached below.

The opening slide

Examples of previous works before the MA course, explaining the original inspiration and idea of the development in the Unit 1.

The final result of the physical works.

Explaining my emotional attachment to the East Sussex landscapes.

Explaining the transformation of the core idea from “attach” to “detach”

Introduce the experience of a field trip to Andalucía. Briefly talked about the previous development of the idea.

The introduction of the previous painting set – Los Fragmentos del Albaicín. Explained the personal emotion of the desire of memory preservation. Argued the unreasonability of applying travel restrictions as a post-cold war retaliation.

Introduction of the early development of physical works in the unit 1.

The Spanish half of landscape paintings.

Una Mirada a Andalucía

The English part of landscape paintings.

The White Cliffs

The composition of the illustration book.

Introducing how Netherlandish national awareness was helped by landscape paintings of Dutch masters Jacob van Ruisdael.

Talked about Ruisdael’s substaintial influence to English landscape painters in the 18 – 19th Century.

Talked about traditional English landscape painting. How the idyllic countrysides were idealised and bacame a stereotypical sysbom of English landscape.

The movement of Romanticism and its influence.

Introducing the founder of the Hudson River School and his journey to The United States in 1825.

Briefly introduced the second generation of the movement, talked about how the idealisation in landscape paintings and the adventurous spirit in early American national identity.

Bibliography and figure list.

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