Reflective Journal Week 6, 3 Nov – 9 Nov 2019

After a week and a half, the second individual work of the project was finished.
I further developed the washing technique on my watercolour to create a blurred layer.

The etching course of the printmaking workshop was on Thursday. I started working on the design at the beginning of the week. Considering the preciseness and the reproducibility of etching, extra carefulness directed towards this opportunity should be put on. As I was advised that my paintings are “more than suitable” to be printed out and presented as postcards. As I always do, I thought about the detailed method of presenting my work before the project was finished. I have been thinking about an antique shop style invitation, like, postcards with elegant handwriting in bags with logo on. So if I can design a logo and perfectly produced during the workshop, it would save a lot of time and budget on the project.
I have several designs that can be found below.


The outcomes seem exceptional, however, the grey surrounding which encloses the primary object rejected the possibility of being composite on the wrappings.

I went to the exhibition Lucian Freud: The Self-portraits this week. For an enthusiastic artist who devoted to producing paintings for his life, works of Lucian Freud displayed the history of the art movement of the 20th century also. I cannot help to notice that his work in the 40s still reflects features of cubism.


I believe it is the meaning of artistic life. Via studying of the painter, a show that can be toured within two hours is capable of demonstrating an epitome of our society. Through the value of the personal, we can actually see how a society’s benefit was directed to philosophical perfection. The gradual transition of aesthetic standard in the rapidly developing community of the 20th century has brought up the question:
Who assigns an artwork value?
How value was assigned to a piece of artwork?
What is the ultimate purpose of the artwork?

His self-portrait of 1993 records has created strong emotion impact on views. With the portrait of his very youth located nearby, the answer could be found within his eyesight that full of vicissitudes.

One of the most significant things for art as a subject is that the question could be regarded as answers. Sometimes it is impossible to reach a reasonable explanation for an ultimate issue. However, debates and arguments are actually all the matter.
I visited the mall galleries as well. I have gained inspirations from an interestingly installed work in an unexpected field.

The pattern of the entire installation pointed out the unsatisfactory regarding the current navigational structure of my website. I started to work on the improvement of the sidebar and categorising posts so that they can be quickly guided to. The evaluation suggested improvements in helping the website to fit the requirement of the painting development is highly likely to improve the viewing experience of other audiences as well. Feedbacks were gained by inviting people from visiting the website. I am afraid I cannot provide any screenshots here but only notes from the sketchbook. (Wrong date)


Eva Sajovic was the lecturer of the week. Some knitting works made by plastic bags were shown during the session, explained a new perspective of recycling (actually because these carpets were made for decorative purpose, it may not be a recycle) of nondegradable materials. Her project of saving the Elephant and Castle shopping mall was fascinating in the afternoon. Her opinion regarding the landmark was not only the history of the neighbourhood but also the memory of residence was referable to urban designers. The effort of arranging neighbour activities in the shopping more may not achieve the ideal goal. However, the project did reach to people and inspired them to think.

A landmark could be evidence of the existence of a generation. I accidentally ran into the area and got lost around the tube station back in 2017. My first impression of the mall was considering the architecture unfit to the street. It was dilapidated and damaging the entire appearance of the road, in my opinion. Sajovic’s lecture did cause me to think whether tearing down the building can be unfair to people who have a secure emotional attachment with it. Demolishing the construction can be a cruel destroy to unsettled nostalgia feeling of local citizens.


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