Reflective Jounal Week 10, 1 Dec – 7 Dec 2019

There will be a group crit on this week as the only chance to seek professional assistance for the first unit. I have stocked up a sufficient amount of work to show during the presentation; however, the writing will not be ready until the pop-up show. I have been framing and mounting my works, trying to figure out the best way to be presented at the end of the Unit 1.


The second version with grammar corrected (tried my best to)and details changed Cuckmere Valley writing completed on Wednesday.

Field drawing of the rest of illustrations of the Cuckmere part has been carried out on days did not require attending the university. The weather has turned cold. I cannot help to notice the colour change of the grassland on the cliff, I perhaps need to harry if I would like to maintain the non-photo-drawing style of my work.

The decay of vividness inspired me on a very fascinating angle. There is a sentence in ancient Chinese poetry, “decaying into spring mud and cultivate the flora”. It is a cycle of life as well as heat.

The second law of thermodynamics introduced the definition of entropy to the field of natural science. As the entropy of an enclosed system increases, the randomness and the complexity of the system increases at the same time. When applying the theory in sociology, we would obtain the opinion of Social Entropy. If we patiently reevaluate of the history of the human race, we could discover the development of the society is essentially the concentration of productivity which allows an individual or a collective to gather and spend heat more efficiently. Structures like governments, guild even ideology could be filled in the theory elegantly — they are methods of increasing social productivity; cultural products like art and literature, on the other hand, could be considered as the concentration and extraction of idealistic outcomes. They can work as leverages to influence the thinking patterns of audiences with little cost of a heat of its producer, then effectively redistribute gathered heat in a manipulated way. If we eliminate differences of individuals and consider them as junctions links roles of heat gather and heat spender, my theory could be much more easier to see; any individual behaviours could be judged as dispenses of heats. A successful artwork can always bring revolutionary ideas and influencing the history the art. Under this theory, essentially, it is a directed redistribution of heat whose method was guided by leverages.
I have not collected any references, yet bot only googled a few special terms. It will be saved for Unit 2, and discussions with tutors will be needed before that.


The group crit was average. Questions launched regarding my work were all foreseen and prepared since the planning phase of the project. It could be judged I have reached the comfort zone once again. There is still another month until the final deadline, it means I can try to push this project further away.

I am afraid temporarily I cannot write too much for this week. I have been busy with writing and booklet design.

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