A Character Design and Caligraphy for 3D Animation, and Old Photo Colouring, Dec 2018.

Sometime around Feb 2018, my brother, who was an MA student study in Melbourne, asked me if I could help him with the character design of his animation. I meant to say no, but he asked after he took me for coffee and a decent supper, so yeah I suppose that was the price of art.

He verbally described the scenarios and ideas behind the design to me, then considering features of 3D animation, I have produced a series of quick sketches. Then some designs for objects in the video.

Then for an extremely long time, I have not heard anything from him. But I do saw posts from his social network, mostly showing he was extremely busy with his work. Also, a significant proportion is about him stay up late rendering footages in the library. I do understand the frequency of staying up later for a designer but says he stayed up late was really beyond counting. Therefore, it did not need me to assume anything, the pressure of his creative process must be relatively unbearable.

So I told him, multiple times, to have broken. Health comes first, as we Chinese use this quote a lot.

Apparently he has taken my suggestion seriously, otherwise, he would not tell me that he started rendering main characters in Sept.

I was like, wow, now there must be some more tasks that I can help.

Yes, he replied.

And some calligraphy work was tasked to me at the ending of his video.

It was fine actually. I do enjoy writing Latin characters in an elegant style. Sometimes my English handwriting is much better than my Chinese calligraphy. Judging from the outcomes I posted down belong, I believe all of you could have an accurate estimation.

As landscape and architecture design was base on the Victorian era, I have written characters in a cursive style. And considering the atmosphere of the animation, I have chosen a bright colour which is the contrast with the background it was quite luminous to present my design. The plan passed immediately.

So final outcomes.


The video could be accessed on YouTube. Simply search Lamplighter if you are interested.

And recently, I have specifically restarted to look into colouring old photos. I really enjoy the process, it made me feel like iving in their youths, experiencing things I cannot imagine. There are times more processed photographs but I just cannot find them -.-

Luckily I will posr more when I have time.

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