Holy Site 01: An Old Grocery Store, Dec 2018.


The first piece of holy site series has painted the scene of an old grocery store in memory of an old convenient shop of my hometown. The interior design is a typical style of small houses in the 70s and 80s. Windows are commonly painted red, as Chinese believe the colour stands for wealth and joy. Additional security attachments are installed to the window to prevent burglary. A cloth will be placed on electric appliances to keep them clean for they are the most expensive pieces of furniture in the house. Plugboards randomly patched with wires that run along the wall. A motionless scenario was created, but the floating of tea leaves inside the cup would break the static status and imply for human activity. Bars of the security window bounded the extension of space that constructed in the picture, while the blurring light through the window was elegantly designed to balance this uneasiness. Objects I have chosen are not expensive, rare or even beautiful. They are ordinary, random but familiar to life in the time of the past.

During the production of this painting, as usual, a variety of materials that primarily rely on watercolour are combined for flexibly presents distinctive features of objects. Massive use of rubbing dry brushes has been applied to the painting to show the dilapidation of the grocery store. Sfumato effect is carefully painted with soft brushes to display the reduce of transparency of old glasses on the window. Edges have been softened for light reflections on the window. The paint for colouring windows in the real world have experimented, then colours with similar quality have been mixed and self-produced for the painting.


The framing process of this paintings has been a hard effort due to the size of the painting. Also, the thickness of Archies watercolour paper caused me a lot of time to re-strengthen its surface. But of course, this hard work is worth.


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