Ich hab die Nacht geträumte 01, Nov 2018.

The project was designed to oppose the flooded Titty Tainment in China. Footages have been collected since 2014. The project was firstly published on TikTok, a Chinese video-sharing application that majorly considered ‘very common to produce noises to disturb the others’. In the application, users swipe videos to quickly switch to another. Audiences barely engage teach work considering the application was designed for entertainment in shattered time. Each video may have a different volume due to the editing process.

My uploaded footages create a sudden vanish of sound when they are being played. Users are highly likely to check their device for sound settings because mostly every video in the application should be combined with a sound that the software provided. The design used the inertial thinking of users to remind the viewers of the existence of alternatives beyond Titty Tainment. Only minor changes of objects can be found in these footages, but none of them is precisely looped, shows the uncertainty that cannot be covered by inertial thinking.

I have converted those videos into gif so that they can be uploaded here. Some files are incredibly large, please have some patience.

Make sure to click on them to have a better view please.


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