Los Fragmentos del Albaicín Part 2, Sept 2018.

Initially, there will be no change of colour in the project, but this plan became expired on the third day of the first stage of Los Fragmentos del Albaicín.
I noticed even if I have something genuinely inspiring to express in the future, similar colour tune and display method would eventually cause aesthetic fatigue. For a self-promoted artist that mainly rely on social media, this trend may result in something much worse. It is clearly not my intention to be ‘has been’ before I can actually be drawn attention from the public.
Considering reading long articles may result in distractions as well as feeling boring, plus generally speaking, writing is relatively not suitable to attract audiences nowadays that time is fractional. Therefore I decided to bring freshness by stimulating sensor organs physically. I made a short trailer for the third stage of the project. Classical music was added to demonstrate the artist’s mental state while producing these pieces; and the colour of ink was switched to blue, which is more brighter even dazzling after seeing brown pieces continually for eight times (All works from the first stage were posted around midnight because I wanted to occupy the soothing time before my audiences went to bed. Also colour brown is gentle enough to keep their thoughts windless so that viewers may actually paying patience to read my words and observe my works).

Comparing with data before, feedbacks of images took at the beginning of the third stage were evidently more positive, with a higher interact rate. This result strongly confirmed my speculation that a sharply contrasted colour switch would catch a lot of eyes.


I purchased a photography curtain for this stage, its reason will be explained in the next blog.

I stopped writing dev logs in this stage. It is because I redistributed time to creative writing for a more substantial proportion. At the end of the drawing process creative writing of a discussion about the preciseness that reflected in the professionalism is due to be produced. Also, dairies that based on the memory of the journey that written during the first two stages require to be organised.

But images have still been posted daily.

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