Visual Diaries about Córdoba And The Way to Granada, Aug 2018.

The exhibion was finished. The town mayor gifted me several souvenirs and a certificate of appreciation.

I have to point it out now that, I have only been keeping record the visual diary for a few days. Near the end of my trip to Granada, I started to feel exhausted very often. That unhealthy feeling had often been appeared till October, which greatly interrupted the produce of Los Fragmentos del Albaicín, a project I have been planning since 2017. The health condition became unignorable in the middle of October and I had to be hospitalised until the end of the first week of November.

But luckily I kept the photographic recording of the journey every day, so if time’s permitted, I will finish the diary soon or later.

So, diaries.

I used to produce quick sketches as references of complex composited illustrations when I was at the first two years of my foundation course and University. After my interest gradually moved to large-size watercolour painting the habit stopped. A distinctive complexity of painting and the process of producing a piece of work turned the process of designing composition meaningless while everything could be finished on the watercolour paper with pencil and later covered it with colour. I still sometimes do quick sketches, but these kind of works are individual. Another reason is that most of the inspirations I have gained were recorded via photographs and creative writing in Chinese. I have been relatively skillful at Chinese writing since my high school and had been professionally trained with photography. Although actually practice of photography with a decent camera has stopped when a drug dealer broke into my studio in 2016 and destroyed my Canon 40D (I know it was old and more or less ‘out of date’, but that device was such a classic).

I have to admit that the reason why I produce the series is due to an attempt of self-promotion. I have noticed visual diaries has gained significant popularity in Asian culture circle recently. However most of those visual diaries would reproduce content in a cuter style, more like anime character and landscape design. I still prefer it to be quick, accurate with specific elements of the scene, and relatively realistic.

The result, according to data collected, when without paid promotion, the series is slightly above the average score that my common practice could achieve. Some techniques that later used in large size works were tested during it, and some inspirations generated for creative writings in Chinese.

I think it could be used for advanced teaching lessons of child art education as well, to encourage children further to be more confident, and enthusiastic in their creative process. Another experiment awaits.

I’d call it an acceptable experiment. It is potential and worth trying in the future. Meanwhile, I did realise that the lack of sketchbook may result in negative feedback when presenting works to western academic areas which relatively focuses more on the process of producing.

And three photos I shot on the way to Granada. I tend to use a solid composition with large dots, as well as a certain amount of bright colour and the contrast is formed to express the speed on the other dimension. Two 2D surfaces that visible to each other but un-crossed, separated by glass, this media has been tried before. I enjoy working with media of glass. The series could be considered as an extended experiment of the technique in Una Mirada de Andalucía. I want to try out the minimum pattern and amount of texture of expressing a physical movement. Might could be used in the future if any sketch formed with dots is on my schedule.


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