Drawing with Dots: Una Mirada A Andalucía, July 2018.

According to the date that recorded in the photo data of the first image, I started this pen dot sketch on 31st May. The process has lasted for entire two months, which made my patience impressed myself.


There are two primary methods of producing sketches, generally speaking. One is building the basic shape, and light contrast for every object in the image then detailed them simultaneously. The advantage of this way is that the painter would be able to have control of the whole situation, it could be easy to avoid over-paint a specific area. The other method is starting with a random part, and directly perfect it into the final form. Then bits by bits, using the finished piece as the reference, adding brushwork to other parts.

In this piece, I chose the second method. At the beginning of it, I was applying the first one due to the massive number of objects involved in this sketch; but after finishing the window, castle’s structure and olive trees on the bottom right corner, I found that even 0.15 pen will be too thick if I would like to increase the depth of the field by making every tree clearly presented.

So if it was too thick, I could not construct objects in the distance like those nearby, using strokes. A single stroke may fill an outline shaped with pencils. Therefore I chose dots. I had acknowledged before that there was a popular illustration style is to produce pen sketch with dots. It was perfect for works close to hyper-realism, and it was something I always wanted to try out.

Trying out with dots

Needless to say, it turned tens of hours’ general sketch into a two-month period of trouble. I mean, there was barely any technical difficulties serious I cannot solve, but a true test of patience and wrist. Keep dipping a pen on paper like a woodpecker for several hours made my wrist felt sore; then after a week, such unpleasant turned into pain. After using this as an excuse to refuse to take out the trash, the mother explained the physical inconvenience as ‘too many daily access to cellphone’ and ‘too much coffee intake’. I do agree an over-take amount of coffee may cause uncontrollable shake; but I was also pretty sure under any circumstance, I would not have more than two coffee per day.

So an appointment with a doctor was required to be attended. Some bandage was applied to fixed the hand, and I was told to put my right hand into hot water when it felt bad, and rest for three days. Putting hand into hot water is indeed effective, please allow me to suggest this to all of you, do have a try if similar symptoms appeared.


After days and nights of hard work, most parts have been finished. But the effort of improving the image has not stopped even during my flight transfer in Brussel. I walked in a Starbucks of the airport at 6:00 am, ordered a flight white, and put my ‘going abroad wallet’ on the table, enjoying a decent cup of aqua de vida that made with whole milk produced in Europe which I missed so much. I finally finished it when the airport broadcast informed it was the time for boarding.


So I thought, brilliant timing, now everything for the exhibion was perpared, I can have a great rest on the airplane.

What I did not forseen is, the airline mis-transffered my luggage to Lisbon instead of Malaga, along with all the frames.

Paintings for the exhibiton ended up being sticked on wall, with tapes.

The final outcome


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