Westerminster in Fog, Mar 2018

As usually, some materials had been added to the ink I used to make it thicker enough to express the strength of the building. Also it made the fog much richer in textures. And my favourite part, some gold powder to pour a cup of sunlight on the image.

The painting was based on my memory of London. It could be considered as a demonstration of a friendly gesture between Chinese and English culture.

Interesting fact, I heard ‘fucking Chinese’ equal times to ‘god-damn English people (in Chinese of course)’. I do want to establish an emotional bond between these two people so that we may understand each other better, to further eliminate misunderstandings and conflict. I hope one day western countries will not treat us hostility because of the historical difference of ideologies, at least not friendly Chinese people, like me.

Westerminster in mist.jpeg

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