Six Tiny Pieces of Oil Paintings, and Two Watercolours for the Exhibition, June 2018.

Two watercolour paintings for decorative purpose were creadted.

Sometimes I relatively enjoy creating works that only for recording the beauty of natural, or an ordinary scenerio, instead of produce works with metaphors or deep meanings. I regrad this kind of creative work breaks during hard-working days, and needless to say the parctice of drawing techniques.

When I firstly saw photographs of Andalusian landscapes, especially its breathe-taking fields, I thought those green spots on images were bushes. After explanations made by my Spanish friends I realised that those were olive trees. I was quite shocked. Based on my previous understanding of olive trees that I saw in pictures or movies they look… rather taller. After I personally witnessed the magnificant view of Andalusian field, I immediately figured out which part went wrong – I never saw a massive number of olive trees in a relatively huge landscape.

Also I am no longer curious of how the enormous amount of olive oil were produced.

And lavenders. And countless, I cannot named, vast fields of spices.

Watercolour on Paper, A4, June 2018
Watercolour on Paper, A4, June 2018


Tiny pieces of oil paintings should not be very uncommon if you had a proper exploration of my blog (that’s right, I am urging you to take a closer look of my posts). I chose six random views from the villiage of Zuheros. It did not let me down when I was at the exhibition, hearing people say ‘hey that is the house on the streets nearby!’. But of course, by the translation of my friend. The Spanish sentences I am most proficient at are ‘Donté es el baño público?’ and ‘No hamblo español lo siento’. However my skill at Spanish language can be rapidly improved in a blink of eye when I am ordering paella in restuarant.

I have to say that there is a restuarant in Granada called ‘Maese Pío’, please attend there for the best paella in town! That snail and rabbit one, hmmmmm, I can still feel the taste in my mouth. IMG_3096.JPG

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