Granada: The First Experience, Mar 2018.

I Apologies because the date should be Mar 2017, I posted it in the correct order but somehow it ended up in ‘drafts’. I had to change it to 2018 otherwise my OCD is gonna damage my mental health badly.

In Feb 2017, according to my tutor’s advise, I was looking for distinctive scenes to reproduce. So I travelled to Granada for some filed sketches.

The style was still based on original penstrokes-watercolour combined style developed in 2016. Comparing to a popular watercolour style in Asian countries, 2018 which they called ink pen colour, my style focuses more on light contrast and constructing vast space. I aimed to visually record architectures with their original shapes while the Ink Pen Colour style focuses more on making them look adorable, like from an anime.

Mostly I chose street views for sketching.

The project is also a part of Desperation Archive. This part shows the speed of establishing a connection with a strange place could be objectively quick. Also, as well as in Los Fragmentos del Albaicín, extensive time were contributed to show how difficult Chinese people keep views within their hearts. We cannot simply purchase a ticket to rewind the scene we experienced abroad, our passports are limited for political hostility and differences between ideologies. I cannot say if it is correct because national interest first, this is common in every country. But we are people paying for things westerners considered threatening, but we have not done.

Later landscapes of Albaicín has become a common theme I would like to look into.