Senza Titolo: East Sussex, July 2017.

After those single-colour watercolour paintings became a major success, I have been considering producing some more. This project was designed to display my understanding of countryside views of East Sussex. The strong wind, weeds reach your knees, cliffs near the ocean. I travelled through the coastline to record and reproduce the beauty with poetic drawings. Relatively speaking, (these works mainly targets people in China), positive feedbacks have been gained. Even some of my friend travelled to Sevensisters Country Park afterwards. I am delighted that there are actually Chinese people started to understand the fascinating landscapes on the other side of the planet instead of keeping treating UK as a country full of invaders (the UK invaded China before). Understanding brings peace. Enjoy the view.

The project inherited the utilisation of materials and drawing style from the Mangrove Project. However, I did not consider any perspective related to traditional Chinese painting in these case. I would like to present the nature of England in the manner of English watercolour, but with a hint of my own. That was the reason why I used highlight pens to build the movements of grass, which previously only experimented once. I sometimes felt the colour I used in this project is perfectly suitable for establishing the atmosphere with its unique humidity. Everythings seems so wet and moss has been growing everywhere.

Shoreham-by-sea, Watercolour on paper, A4, July 2017.
A Sheep and Windy Sevensisters, Watercolour on paper, A4, June 2017.
SevenSisters' View from New Haven Fort
A View of Sevensisters from Newhaven, Watercolour on paper, A4, July 2017.
Three Trees
Trees outside Lewes Town, Watercolour on paper, A4, June 2017.
Bear Road
Clouds upon Bear Road, Watercolour on paper, A4, June 2017.

I also kept some habits that extracted from the very beginning of such development in watercolour. In the Newhaven one some red wine has been mixed into colour to paint clouds which provides a wider range of grey tone. This is one of the technique I tried to varie the arrangements for those clouds. Another one is the mixing of different materials to increase the stickiness of the medium. A ununiform medium may seperate a single colour into different layers. The sheep one and the Bear Road one was the first attempt of such design.

I still don’t understand why only a few people like the Sheep one. That’s my favourite. Poor sheep. 😦