The Plaza beneath The Castle of Zuheros, Jan 2018.



Before The Plaza beneath The Castle of Zuheros, I barely put attention into the form of displaying my work visually. Mostly, after I finished a piece, I took a rough picture of it and uploaded it to social media; or if I had the luck of exhibiting it somewhere, I would always purchase a frame and squeeze it into.

So the time around the beginning of 2018 data feedbacks of my posted work was relatively negative. I looked into some applications and found out a significant factor: Most of my work does not contain bright, eye-catching colour. As a matter of fact, the utilisation of colour in my jobs has been quite simple at this very moment.

When I finished this ink painting, all the colour I can see is white and black. If I upload it to, for example, Instagram, it will be a blur of grey near some very pale watercolours if you look from a distance.

I looked into some professional profiles, especially artists work with flowers. I found that sometimes they would use little colour in their images, but when they were presenting them, primarily via camera, there must be some colourful decorations nearby.

That is the main reason why I started to consider a piece of work as a part of a composition. I began to consider the colour match of the work and decorations, as well as the position selection for chosen objects.

The effort immediately paid off. I friend of mine showed this work to the mayor of Zuheros. Then he told me if I can produce a convincing work, I will receive an invitation to throw a personal exhibition in the little town. I will see these landscapes I produced with my own eyes.

Spoiler alert, I made it.

I started producing an A3 watercolour, Mañana de Las Luces right away.

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