The Owner of BK Espresso, Dec 2017.

In Dec, I found a coffee shop called BK Espresso. Due to the distinctive taste of milk between China and UK, I’d say finding this café is extremely lucky. The owner used a brand that targeted luxury hotel and restaurant, so the taste of milk finally marched those 1 pound basic whole milk you can buy in Sainsbury’s.

Yeah that’s right, most of milk in China sucks…

One double-shot flat white only cost £2 in BK Espresso, also they owner likes me, aways giving free food to me. (She gifted me two bottle red wine made in 2008!) And there is a cute dog. Nothing I can complain.

To express my gratitude, I bought two cups of coffee — one espresso, one red velour latte and portrait her with these.

Of course these materials need to mix with Arabic gum which commonly used for making watercolour materials.

Owner of BK Espresso, Coffee on paper, A5, Dec 2017

Also I helped designed a new menu & poster for the coffee shop. BK the poster

But sadly the coffee shop went out of business in June, 2018. Apparently no one interested in drinking coffee in a small town like Shaoxing.

I have to say, that coffee-made portrait did attracted some people to try out drinks she made. Connection between the coffee shop and the owner was tightly presented through material.

Since this project, using self-made paint in my watercolour has become a quite common thing. It did helped my to vivified the image, and granted me better tool to demonstrate skin texture.

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