Shades of Granada, Feb 2018.


The series tried out use different style and materials to reproduce four random views of the Alhambra. Various materials like highlighting with mineral colour, blending pencil strokes with watercolour to express the change of weather. From sunlight shines on ancient wall, to humid fog surround Alhambra. Moreover it experimented a blank background. The visual effect, not very satisfying. But I did get four likes from the official Instagram account of Alhambra. Once again I started to double my judge…

As for another experiment, a set of yellow rose, I am pretty satisfied with the background. But for the rose, not so much.

IMG_4498 2

Original writing prepared for this post:

t has been a year already, my memory about Andalusia is now fading, along with those days in England. This project was designed for visualising my impressions of the past four years before they were forgotten completely. And to mark the very first anniversary of me and la rosa española I met beneath Albaicín, the first four pieces were selected to be about the city of Granada.


‘I never thought those roses I sent would be so distinctive,

to these petals I found backward St Nicolas.

Quiero refrescar la memoria,

de los días que estuvimos vivos allí.

La salpicadura de vino en mi falda,

las manchas de café en tu bocamanga.

Las casitas blancas que vimos juntos.

Y las rosas especiales en alta mar.

I must take something from the Kingdom of Castilla,

perhaps a fresh rosa española.

Whenever memories of landscapes are fading,

I shall hear her telling.

其实现在的水彩正好画到了瓶颈期。看了太多现代wet on wet, dry on dry什么乱七八糟的示范技巧,已经忘记了自己最早到底为了什么选择了这种作画方式。读到的东西让我跟着范例追着水彩擅长体现的光线和通透,而并非最开始时因为好看和混用多种材料的趣味将我吸引向了这个科目。我记忆的安达鲁西亚并不是蓝天白云下一望无际的美丽平原。我见到她的时候天色总是灰黄,有雾,阴冷,好似我将英国最标志性的天气带来了地中海边。我觉得没有必要跟着“通透”这个词去用干净的颜色吧,记忆里的格拉纳达就是那样子脏兮兮地在安达鲁西亚的水汽里若隐若现,街道旁边的阿拉伯苦橙一直从桃金娘庭院种到了自己内心中一个小小软软的角落里。


Some Irrelevances

Some sketches and designs I have been working on. Recently I have completed a project for an local administration. It was a booklet and the design has been printed over 50,000 copies.

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