Roses: Watercolour Still Life, Feb 2017.

These roses are the very beginning where I looked into produce detailed still-life watercolour. Not many things I could say about this. But it influenced the way I considered still-life in the future. I tried to extract objects from narrative scenarios to see which factor it needs to be ‘decorative’. This project does not involve too many thinkings however I did put metaphor in some roses’ shapes. It is a pure exploration of watercolour techniques. I have researched contemporary Russian watercolour about flowers: their preciseness and use of colour, as well as English style: more emotional and focuses on shapes and light contrast. Tried really hard to find a balance between these two features.

At the time when methods of expressing ideas are various, I believe obtaining mature skills is also one of those effective methods.

Most of the outcomes have been used as materials for postcards.