Oh Hello! Tiny Pieces Again! Oct 2017.

The project was designed for practising producing strong visual communications through watercolour painting on a very limited size of paper. Training myself to demonstrate preciseness on a small surface really helped me to develop Los Fragmentos del Albaicín in the future.

A Field of Flowers in Shaoxing
Exeter in Mist
Reading in Storm

I have also contributed twice for Oh Comely Magazine this month. But I cannot show any images here.

Also, I helped my previous teacher of art in China to establish her own institution of art education. I have been a teacher there for down to 3-year-old kids and up to adults. The reason why I chose to help is that the idea of education matches my understanding of what is currently the best for art education in China: Cultivating of western aesthetic theories that we already 100 years behind, irreplaceable practicing of necessary skills, courage to experiment new method of expressing idea and a open-mind to all kinds of artworks.

I have to say aesthetic standard in China still remains as ‘realistic is good’. That aches me a lot. People know Picasso for his fame and wealth but always describe his abstract work ‘meaningless’ and ‘lack of realistic feature’. I would like to contribute to growing a correct and open-minded aesthetic standard for my country, so why not start with children? They don’t get a chance to be trained by an international student that properly educated, they usually art teachers are just people who can wield a pencil.