Marble Quarry: Reverse Colour Chalk Painting, Apr 2017.

Marble quarry was designed to discuss the use of nudity in contemporary art. When I was doing the project, there is a voice on the Internet questioning the standard of when nudity is over-used in an artwork, or will make an artwork ‘pornographic’.

Meanwhile on the other side of the planet, yes, China, my home country, I am talking about you. People on the Internet asking why most of the naked figures in paintings are women instead of men, is that another example of how men suppressing women’s right in modern society?

In 2017, the answer I gave was relatively immature. But my intention was all the same: to ease the contradiction between genders by eliminating meaningless but dangerous questions. The last thing I would like to see is a society where men and women treat each other with hostility, and equally, the movement should be motivated.

My answer is, technically speaking, direct exposure of intimate parts will not lead to anything ‘pornographic’, it is about whether the pose contains sexual connotation. Also, I believe painters have the right to choose the representative of their ideas, it is the right granted to them. Questioning human freedom will be a kind of sophistry.

Based on these theories, a series of white chalk sketch have been produced.

There was a funny thing happened. During one of my tutorials, I took these work to my tutor Roderick, and after several seconds’ observation he said one of these paintings are not ‘anatomically correct’. That’s the moment I memorised how to spell anatomy.

I was confident enough to say ‘No, it cannot be right. I believe in my techniques.’ But I didn’t. Because somehow I also noticed there was something abnormal with the shape of the model’s spine. Then I went home and phoned her to confirm if there is anything special with her bones she sent me back a medical report of her scoliosis.

Evidence supported the fact that this topic has been discussed several times when tutors were having lunch.

Here are works I developed. A detailed construction of the human body, skin texture and textiles. Hundred hours of hard work, one eye infection because I wipe my eyes with chalk dust on my finger.


White chalk on card board, A1, Apr 2017.

White chalk on card board, A1, Apr 2017.
The Dance
White chalk on card board, A1, Apr 2017.
White chalk on card board, A1, Apr 2017.
White chalk on card board, A1, Apr 2017.
Marble Quarry
White chalk on card board, A1, Apr 2017.
White chalk on card board, A1, Apr 2017.

The answer was developed much more complicatedly in 2018 if you would like to check, search in my blog.

The forward one always been recognised as a nude photo and got blocked on social media. I am really grateful software actually were the first bunch of audiences approved the skill I have in this.

And that side view one managed to be shortlisted from the 1,800 entries received from 930 artists in the Royal Ulster Academy Annual Exhibition. To be honest after mailed this work via UPS I have not heard from the exhibition again.. I suppose I can do better the next time.

Here are some details that too good to keep away from you