Level 5 Option, Go Wild, April 2016.

I have to say, Level 5 Option class, which is full about life drawing and field trip, has been the most interesting course I have ever experienced.

I felt quite guilty saying that because my tutors of other lessons are extraordinary, but maybe I just like the feeling of wandering on the field of England with a bag of painting tools.

Gradually, after a continuous failing of finding the very foundation of Jerusalem that they promised to build on the land of England, I turned my focus from big-big scenes of landscapes to some small objects. (I still love large scenes, this reflected on the future work way more evidently.)

In Level 5 Option, all works of mine are watercolour. I used a special ink which speciality is I refuse to tell you the brand — oh I am mean –, it obtains a variety of colour, but cannot be over-lay, which means every shape needs to be drawn with one stroke. These watercolour works were combined with outlines made by pen strokes. The style has been kept as a method of quick watercolour sketch until now. I mean, the moment you are reading these words. The rose one, I covered its petal with gold, real gold. Cost me a lot. But sold for 200 US Dollar later. Until one year later I noticed Winsor Newton has a kind of gold paint which only sells for 10 RMB ( about £0.89). However, this craziness all happened in April while the course finished before Feb.

  • After a touch of gold