Evita de Calle Poeta Gracián, Dec 2017.

Before putting colours into outlines, I asked myself, how can I establish a connection of personal emotion for her?

Eva is also an international student, and she studied at the University of Granada. She shares similar ideas when I discuss the theory of Desperation Archive with her. After spending, what we said in China, ‘The best of your years that never come again’ in Spain, Granada somehow can be more emotionally tight linked with her than her hometown. Therefore I intended to tightly connected her with my understanding of ‘Andalucia’.

I reviewed my sources gained from Granada and old works I produced, and extract some colours that commonly seen.

Colour of Andalucía

Then uses these colours massively in the painting.

I want her had the same colour when we met in Granada in Feb 2017. By so a portrait that able to perfectly blend in the street view of the city can be created. Just like this magnificent city, looks soft, calm and kind; with some passion of Latin girl, also the gentleness of Asian lady.

So this is the outcome.

Evita de Calle Poeta Gracían
Evita de Calle Poeta Gracián, Various materials on paper, A3, Dec 2017


After successfully produce this painting, I believe my watercolour portrait has stepped into a relatively stable stage of development. In this painting, watercolour paint of different brands was mixed with Arabic gum and other materials I prefer not to say. By processing like that, when the condition of paint was perfect, it can be thoroughly washed off without damaging the surface of watercolour paper.

Similar techniques were used when producing works for the exhibition in Zuheros, Spain.

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