Development of Single-Colour Watercolour after Cornwall, March 2016.

After got back from Cornwall, I found watercolour is suitable for me to sketch a scene with proper construct of light contrast, volume and space. Therefore a series of experiments have begun. Through the utilisation of new materials, painting techniques, gradually features of my unique watercolour style has been found.



Fog Upon Sevensisters

I’d say adding materials onto watercolour for the first time is relatively a big deal. Because sometimes watercolour is completely about adding different materials in. For example painters in Dutch Golden Age tended to add white paint into their watercolour to make the blend more smooth.

I have tried red wine, tea, acrylic, oil paint in March, and gained an important conclusion:

Put other things on.

That experience helped me received an ‘A’.

Additionally, I felt like I have to put on something irrelavent to watercolour but developed from the practice of controlling brushes. A Collecton of Longevity.

Image_20160511_0002IMG_20160529_0001 copy